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Dog Walking


Dog Walking is a fun way for your dog to get out, get some fresh air and socialize with other dogs. If your dog is not dog friendly that's ok, we offer a range of services that will fit your dog's needs.

Private Walks
30 minute and 1 hour walks
These walks are best for dogs that are not dog friendly or prefer to be the only dog(s) walking.

Group Walks
1 hour walks
These walks are best for dogs that are social hounds and love to hang out with other dogs. This is a very good social experience for your dog(s). Excellent for dogs that can not be off leash but still like to socialize.


We have experience with...

Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Mice, Hamsters, Small Birds, Small Reptiles, pot-bellied pigs, chickens, goats and Fresh Water Fish.

Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting is the best alternative to having to board your pet while you are away. Your pet will feel more comfortable being in their own home instead of feeling scared in a place they don't know.

Daily Visits
15 - 20 minute visits
Short visits can be used as a potty break, litter box cleaning, or even a 3rd feeding.

30 - 45 minute visits
Visits consists of a walk or outside potty break for dogs, playtime, TLC, feeding, watering, litterbox scooping for cats and cleaning up any messes that may have been made.

Overnight Stays
Same tasks as above, but with someone staying at your home while you are away. A trained handler will be there from 6pm to 8am with a midday visit for dogs who do not have access to a doggie door.

All visits include mail and paper pick up. There is an extra cost for plant care if more than two (2) plants.

Medication Administration


Does your pet have special needs like medications?
We have handlers who are trained in medication administration.

Medications we are trained to give:

Fluid Administration

Our trained handlers have years of experience in administering all forms of medications and handling animals with special needs. We're here for you and your pet. Let us help you treat your pet with their medications while you are away or help you with those needs.

Pets we can medicate:
Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Rats, Guinea Pigs and Some Birds

Pet Taxi - (Unavailable at this time)


We provide taxi service for clients who need us to drop off or pick up their pet(s) for Vet drop off appts or Grooming appts, when the owner is not able to do so. Call for a detailed area of service and prices.

*Note: This is not a service like Uber or Lyft that transports people with pets. This is a service for clients who are not able to transport their pet themselves. Prior arrangements are required and must be made in advance before transport .

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